New $20 Court Filing Fee for Wisconsin Traffic Cases

The Wisconsin Circuit Courts have recently implemented mandatory e-filing for attorneys representing clients in traffic cases in the majority of counties. These courts will start requiring a $20.00 fee for every case that an attorney opts in to for representation.

WFJ Presents: The Ins and Outs of Underinsured Motorist Coverage in South Dakota

Injured in an accident? Do you have enough insurance coverage? Most people understand they have liability insurance to cover themselves if they cause an accident. Most people also understand they have uninsured motorist coverage in the event they are injured by a negligent driver with no insurance. Most people assume they have underinsured motorist coverage in the event the negligent driver has insufficient liability limits to cover their damages.

Success Story—Helping a Member Clear His Name

One of our members, a retired law enforcement officer, applied for a handgun purchase permit. The NICS background check found an arrest warrant from 1952 in Nebraska. Our member had no knowledge of his supposed arrest or charge, as this was an error in their records

WFJ Receives Prestigious Customer Service Award and Award of Excellence from LegalShield

WFJ’s On-Call Consultants Call Center Team was presented the Customer Service Award as the Call Center of the Year at LegalShield’s annual International Convention in Oklahoma City. This award recognizes the professional and prompt manner in which our team answers the calls from LegalShield and its members. Our team successfully handled 53,120 calls last year with a .001% abandonment rate.

Why Providing Opposing Party Information Protects You

When you call in to Wagner, Falconer and Judd to open an intake on a new legal matter, the Customer Service Representative asks for the name of the opposing party, among other things. Although it may not seem to be the case, this is an important piece of information.