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Our team of construction law experts is uniquely familiar with issues of importance to material suppliers and subcontractors in the construction industry. With a rich history of assisting our clients with local, national and international issues, we work collaboratively with our litigation team to provide proactive solutions that help our clients maximize their rights and remedies while minimizing risk whenever possible.

Our construction team understands the ever-changing nature of the industry, and that material suppliers and subcontractors are facing new risks and potential opportunities all the time, thanks to a number of emerging trends. Those include contractors passing on risk to lower-tiered subcontractors and material suppliers, increased use of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, and the growing volume of sales by material suppliers directly to owners. WFJ helps its clients navigate and overcome those challenges and many others.

Material supplier and subcontractor involvement in construction projects is traditionally subject to a substantial amount of risk as well. Up-front planning and risk analysis are essential for material suppliers and subcontractors to protect and maximize their investments of time and material. Over the years, our construction team has assisted clients through thousands of distressed projects and several economic downturns and is ready to help you tackle your complex issues.

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