Success Story—Helping a Member Clear His Name

One of our members, a retired law enforcement officer, applied for a handgun purchase permit. The NICS background check found an arrest warrant from 1952 in Nebraska. Our member had no knowledge of his supposed arrest or charge, as this was an error in their records. The member’s purchase permit was denied, so he contacted our firm for assistance. After a couple letters to various court clerks in various jurisdictions to clear this up, including a demand to the FBI and NICS showing there was no record of this member’s alleged arrest, we still had trouble getting this member’s name cleared. Finally, our attorney sent a letter to the Nebraska State Patrol to try to clear things up. Within a few weeks, our member called us back saying that his record had been cleared with the State of Nebraska as well as the FBI. Needless to say, our member was very pleased to reach this outcome!