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WFJ Presents: Selling Your Small Business, Part One

WFJ’s Small Business Team has counseled clients in the execution of small business asset purchases for a diverse set of industries, including restaurants/food service, manufacturing, publishing, insurance, retail, and many others.

WFJ Presents: “Social Business” Hybrid: The New Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation

So, let’s assume you know an entrepreneur who has a great business sense, and also is committed to a particular social cause.  This entrepreneur places equal emphasis on both concerns: She strives to support the social cause, but she cannot ignore profits and the bottom line, especially since her idea is novel and will certainly attract outside investors, who undoubtedly will want to benefit financially from their investment.

WFJ Presents: The Minnesota Women’s Economic Security Act: Are You in Compliance?

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed the Women’s Economic Security Act  (WESA) into law on May 11, 2014. The nine-part law imposes new specific requirements on Minnesota employers, most of which aim to address reducing the gender pay gap. Some highlights of the new law include: