WFJ Presents: Renters’ Fair Housing Rights in Minnesota

When renting an apartment, home, townhome,  duplex, or other type of rental property in Minnesota,  there are many different concerns that may arise during the process. However, fear of discrimination should not be one of them.

The Federal Fair Housing Act and the Minnesota Humans Rights Act prohibit housing discrimination based on:

Commercial Leasing in the News

Attorney Nelson S. Martell works with our business clients across a variety of areas. One of his principal areas of focus involves representing tenants leasing commercial space. For the past several years Nelson has enjoyed working with Great Clips, Inc. and its franchisees to lease commercial space for hair care salons all over the country.

Bed Bugs: What Every WI Landlord and Tenant Should Know

Bed bug infestations are on the rise in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, this epidemic is not likely to go away anytime soon. The question often arises, of whether the landlord or the tenant is liable for the costs of exterminating the bed bugs. For better or for worse, the answer is: It depends.

Becoming a Landlord 101: Screening Tenants

Screening Tenants

As a landlord, the process of finding a good tenant is fairly simple. It’s important to screen prospective tenants thoroughly and thoughtfully, however, in order to avoid headaches during the tenancy and after.

Becoming a Landlord 101: Code & Licensing, and the Lease

There are many types of landlords out there. Some enter into being a landlord as a business decision, while others become accidental landlords when they rent out a property where they used to reside but were forced to move, or a property that they inherited. Either way, it pays to have your ducks in a row from the start, to ensure that you are protected legally.

Reviewing a Lease Agreement

Entering into a lease agreement is typically a significant financial decision.  Therefore, paying attention to the following terms can protect your rights and your pocketbook. It is always prudent to have an attorney review the lease, to ensure you understand the terms and conditions. The following are commonly found issues that one should understand before signing:

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

At the end of your tenancy in Minnesota, your landlord has 21 days to either return your security deposit or give you a written statement explaining why the deposit will not be returned. Here are some frequently asked questions about security deposits and their recovery: