Commercial Litigation

WFJ & ASA Successful in Bringing Case Before MN Supreme Court

Robert Judd and Matthew Resch of Wagner, Falconer, & Judd, Ltd., together with the American Subcontractor’s Association’s general counsel Eric B. Travers of Columbus, Ohio, were successful in convincing the Minnesota Supreme Court to take up Safety Signs, LLC v. Westfield Insurance Co., Case Number A12-0370 (Sept. 17, 2012), and to help clarify the law on what constitutes proper notice under the Minnesota Payment Bond Statute.

Recovery of Property, Under UCC Article 9

Vendors often have long-term relationships with the buyers of their goods. In these relationships, significant credit is often given to the buyers. When these buyers stop paying their bills, many vendors have a difficult time recovering from them, and they look for other ways to protect themselves without litigation or becoming a part of a bankruptcy proceeding.

Why Do YOU Get My Money?

Trustees and Creditors: Friends? Enemies? Depends.

Actions by trustees to recover funds expended by a company within 90 days preceding the filing of a bankruptcy are often misunderstood by creditors, be they individuals or businesses.  One of the most common complaints is: “We didn’t do anything wrong, why is the trustee bringing suit?  They still owe us money!”