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Proposed California Legislation to Waive Payment Bonds on Small Los Angeles Unified School District Projects

A California Senate Bill proposes a new approach for the Los Angeles Unified School District to manage projects of less than $1 million in value. The proposed legislation would waive the payment bond requirement for public work contracts with small businesses or microbusinesses on Los Angeles Unified School District projects of less than $1 million.

Limited Liability Companies and Operating Agreements

Incorporating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a fairly straightforward task. Simply fill out the articles of incorporation and file them with the state agency, and the company will be established in the eyes of the state. All the forms are freely available and easy to locate. The process, however, should not stop there. Among other things, the member(s) of the LLC should establish an operating agreement.

Do My Goods Need a Passport? How About a Visa? – Part 1: Documentation Requirements

Companies both small and large  have a strong desire to export their products abroad.  Viable markets, proper infrastructure, product support needs, and ensuring payment are all incredibly important considerations, however once the decision has been made to ship, the question becomes how to ensure the product gets out the door and to its destination.

The Advantages of Using Electronic Credit Applications

Historically,  most credit departments have provided their customers with paper credit applications,  to be filled out by hand and  carried or sent back, by fax or mail. This has been the common approach for decades. However, with the explosion of Internet use over the last ten years and its expanded capacity for rapidly moving information, transactions that used to be accomplished with paper are fast moving to electronic forms. One example of this occurred on September 11, 2001.

WFJ & ASA Successful in Bringing Case Before MN Supreme Court

Robert Judd and Matthew Resch of Wagner, Falconer, & Judd, Ltd., together with the American Subcontractor’s Association’s general counsel Eric B. Travers of Columbus, Ohio, were successful in convincing the Minnesota Supreme Court to take up Safety Signs, LLC v. Westfield Insurance Co., Case Number A12-0370 (Sept. 17, 2012), and to help clarify the law on what constitutes proper notice under the Minnesota Payment Bond Statute.

Privacy 101 – Webinar

The changing landscape of privacy concerns for businesses

When:  March 28, 2012 from 9:30a-10:30a
Where:  Webcast

So You Want To Start a S-Corporation?

S-corporations have long been one of the favorite entities of business owners when it comes time to choose the corporate and tax structure for their business.  The purpose of this blog is to present pros and cons of S-corporations and to encourage readers to learn more about whether operating as a S-corporation is the best entity for their business.