WFJ Presents: Wisconsin Foreclosure FAQ

If you have ever been served with paperwork to foreclose on your home or other real property such as a commercial building or rental property, you know that it can be one of the most stressful events imaginable. However, that stress can be alleviated by understanding the foreclosure process and what your options are. To that end, I have put together answers to several frequently asked questions by persons facing foreclosure in Wisconsin.

Bankrupcy: Should I File? How Will It Affect Me?

Anyone with a large amount of debt that cannot be paid can consider bankruptcy. Since bankruptcy is a last resort proposition, it should be reserved for situations where there is no practical way to repay large debt on a repayment plan.

One good place to start would be to get credit counseling, preferably through a non-profit organization. Filing for bankruptcy requires credit counseling anyway, so it is a good idea to have someone actually crunch the numbers and determine whether bankruptcy makes sense, before you start the process.

Credit Card Crisis: A Debtor’s Dilemma

Most Americans have used credit cards in some form or fashion – especially for vacations, car repairs, and sometimes for everyday expenses when money is tight. Unfortunately, these payments add up and, for many, become quite a financial hardship. What are your options in this situation?