WFJ Celebrates 80 Years of Service

Wagner Falconer & Judd, Ltd. is pleased to mark our 80th anniversary as a law firm. To commemorate our first 80 years, here is a brief history of the firm.

Founded in 1932 by C.J. Wagner and Donald V. Bailey in the midst of the Great Depression, the firm initially went by the name Wagner & Bailey. Prominent in local business, C.J. Wagner co-founded the still-popular Murray’s Restaurant, and was also a part-owner of the Lakers basketball team, then based in Minneapolis. Although there have been several changes in staff, location, and areas of focus, Wagner’s name is still on the masthead, and his legacy lives on.

A decade of great and tumultuous change in our nation’s history, the 1960’s also were a time of change for the company. Donald R. Johnston joined the firm in 1963, and the name changed accordingly, to Wagner & Johnston. He was followed soon after by Alan Falconer in 1966—who still practices law with us today—and again the name changed to include Falconer and Bob Lindstrom. C.J. Wagner retired in 1968, but he remained as “of counsel” until his death in 1988. In 1991, Bob Judd’s name was added to the insignia, and the firm came to be known by its current name of Wagner Falconer & Judd, Ltd.

Our base of operations moved in 1985, from the National City Bank to the internationally renowned IDS Center. The tallest building in Minnesota since its opening in 1974, the IDS remains our home to this day. In 2001, we also opened a Wisconsin satellite office of Wagner Falconer & Judd in Brookfield, a suburb of Milwaukee.

Over the years, our workplace has also inspired great loyalty. Several of our employees have been with the firm for over 20 years, including Attorney Bob Judd and legal assistants Joyce Karels and Barb Blomquist, who all celebrate their 40 year mark this year. Alan Falconer has been with us even longer than that—that’s over half our history!

Wagner Falconer & Judd has experienced considerable growth over the 80 years since its inception, but we still maintain C.J. Wagner’s commitment to meeting the varied and unique needs of our clients, across a variety of fields and areas of law. Wagner Falconer & Judd, Ltd. appreciates your support throughout the years. Please wish us a Happy Birthday, and many more to come!