WFJ Announces On-Site Lawyer Program

WFJ is pleased to announce its new On-Site Lawyer program. Under this program, an attorney from our firm will spend on-site time at your office, ready to answer questions and provide legal services for your company.

Large companies often have a continuous need for one or more in-house lawyers to provide legal services to the company. These lawyers get to know their business, are able to handle many of the issues that come across their desks, and effectively manage the outside law firms which handle litigation and complex legal matters that require additional resources. They also become helpful business partners for their colleagues who see them as allies rather than suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying hired guns. Small- and medium-sized businesses have many of the same legal needs as a large corporation, but in most instances it is neither cost-effective nor desirable to hire a full time attorney to manage day–to-day legal issues. WFJ understands the important role in-house lawyers play in identifying and resolving legal-business issues.

We have decades of in-house experience working for prestigious companies in the Midwest and elsewhere. Our lawyers combine excellent academic credentials with practical legal and business experience. WFJ has demonstrated a strong track record working with small, medium and emerging companies. We work side-by-side with clients in their offices to help them address HR issues, protect receivables, draft and negotiate contracts and manage litigation. We offer half- and full-day programs at discounted rates designed to make our services cost-effective. In addition, the program may be terminated at any time without any additional charges. WFJ’s On-Site Lawyer program helps us get to know you and your business better. Through this partnership, we can deliver the same timely, quality advice that can be expected from an in-house lawyer.

For more information please contact Michael DuPont (612) 339-1421.