Update on California Lien Law

Head’s up—the California legislature is at it again!  They have modified the California mechanic’s lien law.  The updates take effect July 1, 2012.

Thankfully, many of the changes are cosmetic, such as changes in phraseology of key words like “original contractor” and “materialman.” They also serve to make the lien law easier to understand, such as the legislature’s attempt to consolidate and bring consistency to the notice provisions.

Other changes are more substantive, such as alterations to the concept of project completion, the inclusion of mandatory waiver and release forms, and reduction in the amount of a lien release bond.
Please contact a WFJ Construction Attorney to discuss the impact of the changes on your business, and look to the California Section of the WFJ Client Extranet for a complete explanation of the changes.

Attorney Michael J. Dupont