New Changes to Pennsylvania’s Mechanic’s Lien Law

Pennsylvania recently amended its Mechanic’s Lien law.

A State Construction Notices Directory will be created for posting Owner’s Notice of Commencement, Subcontractor’s Notice of Furnishing, Owner’s Notice of Nonpayment, and Owner’s Notice of Completion. The system applies to projects costing at least $1,500,000, referred to as “searchable projects.” Participation in the system is optional and at the discretion of the owner. An owner of a searchable project who wants to participate must file with the Directory and post at the job site a notice of commencement prior to commencement of labor, work, and furnishing of materials, providing certain categories of information about the project. If a searchable project owner makes the required filing and posting, a subcontractor who fails to file a notice of furnishing within 45 days after commencing work loses all rights to file a mechanic’s lien with respect to the project.

The State Construction Notices Directory will become operational on December 31, 2016.

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