Minnesota’s Lemon Law

Do you have an auto repair that is covered under a warranty the manufacturer refuses to honor? If so, you are protected by Minnesota law. Minnesota’s lemon law covers new vehicles that have either been purchased or leased in Minnesota, and used vehicles that are still under warranty.

If you have a problem with your automobile, report the problem to the manufacturer right away. Under the lemon law, you must report the problem within the warranty period or two years after purchase of the car, whichever comes first. The manufacturer then has a duty to repair any defect that is covered by the warranty, even if the warranty has expired.

If you’ve gone through (1) four unsuccessful attempts to repair the problem, or (2) the complete failure of the steering or braking system, you are entitled to a refund or replacement of the automobile. This is done through the manufacturer arbitration program or court. Refunds or replacements are not given if the problem is the result of neglect, abuse, or modification to the automobile.

If you feel a dispute against the manufacturer is in order, make sure you have all of your sales receipts, lease agreements, repair invoices, and any other written documents concerning this matter. You must then give notice to the manufacturer or authorized dealer. Make sure to include your name and contact information, the date of purchase, a list of automobile defects, repair history and any current problems, a reference to the lemon law (Minnesota Statute 325F.665), and a statement that you will attempt a replacement or refund under the law. A lawsuit can be filed within three years of the date of delivery of the vehicle, if the defect was reported during the warranty period.

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Attorney Rupi P. Bahia