Jeff Nicolet and Dan Reich Present at the 2014 Northwestern Building Products Expo

Jeff Nicolet and Dan Reich presented a program titled “Uncover the Legal Landmines that Can Blow Up Your Business” at the Northwestern Building Products Expo on January 14, 2014 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The program focused on tools that minimize and manage risk, reducing bad debt and improving cash flow, and lien and bond rights. The convention was hosted by the Northwestern Lumber Association, which connects lumber and building material retailers to the people, programs, products and resources to help them to be highly-functioning, sales-driven businesses in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Additional programs will be presented by WFJ at future NLA conventions on February 5-6 in Middleton, Wisconsin, February 19-20 in Altoona, Iowa, and March 11-12 in La Vista, Nebraska.