Introduction to Our New Website

At WFJ, we believe in education, learning our clients’ goals and providing solutions that exceed their expectations.  We are proud to launch our new website and are committed to making this site a valuable resource for our clients. A few changes to highlight:

· Our new website is “” (although will still work)
· Our attorneys and staff can now be found at “” (although will still work)

We are committed to providing content that will help our clients resolve legal issues in their business and personal lives.  We welcome your ideas and appreciate your input.  Please send any suggestions to us at my email,

Stay tuned for more!

Maya Fischer
Marketing Director
Wagner, Falconer, & Judd, Ltd.


The Wagner, Falconer & Judd, Ltd., website (the “WFJ site”) is provided for information purposes.  The materials on the WFJ website should not be considered as, or as a substitute for, legal advice and they are not intended to nor do they create an attorney-client (or any other) relationship.  The materials provided on the WFJ site may not apply to specific Iegal or factual circumstances. You should not act based on information you obtain from WFJ site without first obtaining advice of counsel. You should not share any confidential information to the WFJ site without speaking beforehand to one of our attorneys to receive explicit authorization.