Have You Used a Drug or Medical Device That has Been Recalled?

The FDA has forced manufactures to recall certain drugs or medical devices that have proven unsafe and to have harmful side effects to those who use them. Currently, there are recalls on the following drugs and devices which you may have used. Wagner, Falconer & Judd can assist you if you believe you have suffered an injury or illness due to the following recalled drugs and medical devices.

•    Accutane- Acne Medicine
•    Actos- For Type II Diabetes
•    Avandia- For Type II Diabetes
•    Darvacet/Darvon- A Narcotic for Pain
•    Propecia-Hair Growth Medication
•    Topamax- Anti-Seizure Medication
•    Yaz/Yasmin- Birth Control

Medical Devices:
•    Metal-on Metal Hips- Hip Replacement device (DePuy, ASR, Pinnacle and other models)
•    Medtronic Infuse BMP Bone Graft- Used in Spinal Fusion
•    Stryker Rejuvenate Hip System- Modular Hip System/Replacement
•    Transvaginal Mesh Bladder Slings- Bladder problems
•    Zimmer NextGen Knee- Knee Replacement.

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